While the cosmetic world goes ga-ga over the mammoth large breasts, most of them really have no idea about the pains a woman with very large breasts goes through. Speak with your cosmetic surgeon and learn more on how breast reduction surgery can help a woman.


Breast augmentation is very common in these days and age, however, there are women who opt for breast reduction too, which isn’t discussed in detail. Countless studies from across the globe have shown women opting for breast reduction surgeries, and the considerations for the same is only growing in leaps and bounds. Let us now take a look at the top 5 reasons why women want normal and smaller breasts.

  1. Goodbye back aches and pains
  2. Women with large breasts suffer silently from back aches and pains. Because of the excessive weight carried on their chests; the pains are terrible and very common. Your cosmetic surgeon and you would be best to determine if such pains on the lower back are caused by large breasts or not. In most cases it has been seen that women with large breasts have severe pains, and hence it is only with the help of breast reduction surgery that relief comes across.

  3. No more bra strap grooves
  4. Bra strap grooves over a woman’s shoulder can be embarrassing. This is caused because of the weight the bra carries in its cup. Even if the bra straps are wide, only two straps manage that weight, so eventually, grooves are formed and women feel embarrassed.

  5. Appearance
  6. There are women who would have breast reduction surgery to enhance their appearance. Yes, you read that right. Women love to dress well, and sometimes large breasts hinder it all. They cannot wear what they want and the way they want because large breasts embarrass them and make them very self-conscious too. Moreover, reducing a pair of large breasts of a woman has shown to increase their confidence and self-esteem.

  7. Breathe easy
  8. Large breasts on a woman would make her have breathing difficulty too. This is because the weight is excessive and the chest itself bears the brunt.

  9. Discomfort no more
  10. There are plenty of activities a woman cannot do when she has large breasts, for example physical chores and running to name a few. There would always be a limitation on many such activities. Blame it on the size of the large breasts, which makes even simple tasks an uncomfortable feat to achieve.