Upper arm flab often termed as “bat wings”, remains a common problem even amongst women, who have otherwise near-perfect bodies. Upper arm flab is a confidence dampener as it stops one from wearing sleeveless clothes. Very often obese people start losing weight and find the skin of their upper arms sagging, which cannot be eliminated even with proper exercise or diet.

Those who want shapelier arms can opt for arm liposuction which targets the flab of the upper arms to minimize fat as well as tighten the sagging arm skin.

How is Arm Liposuction performed?

Patients looking to explore the benefits of arm liposuction should make an informed decision before going ahead. In this regard, it is important to understand how the entire procedure is performed. Here is a look at the different stages involved:

  • The excess fat to be removed is marked with a marker pen in consultation with the patient
  • After anesthesia, the surgeon makes a very tiny incision in the armpit or above the elbow.
  • The excess fat has already been marked before the surgery. After the incision is made, this area of fat is injected with the vasoconstrictor drug and local anaesthetic solution until it becomes turgid. Use of the vasoconstrictor drug helps to minimize the blood loss. This is called the infiltration process.
  • The fat is sucked out with a specially designed steel cannula (3- 4 mm)
  • After the removal of extra fat, pressure dressing is applied
  • You are allowed to go home after around 4-6 hours of the surgery

After Care

You can go home right on the day of surgery in the evening. Though you can wear short sleeves only after a week or so, your arms will take around 3 to 4 weeks to smoothen completely. You can resume work right after 2 or 3 days of the surgery. Contact your plastic surgeon without fail, in case you are experiencing any kind of uneasiness or swelling.

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