It is very embarrassing to have unwanted hairs with rough, abnormal black skin on one’s body. This condition is generally known as the congenital nevomelanocytic nevus or congenital hairy nevus in the medical science. This type of hairy nevus is one type of mole that is present since birth. It can be classified into three types according to the size of the mole. The sizes vary from very small to big. We can distinguish it in three types like small, medium and large (giant) hairy nevus. The area of the small hairy nevus in less than 1.5 cm, the medium one is between 1.5 to 20 cm and any nevus larger than the 20 cm is considered as large (giant) hairy nevus.

There are different surgical techniques available for removal of hairy nevus depending on the size and depth of the hair roots in the nevus. Small sized moles can be removed in only one operation and big sized moles may require multiple stages of surgical treatment. When hairy nevus is located on nose, ears and eyelids the removal of the hairy nevus might require the skin grafting from the other parts of the body to cover the defect resulting after removal of the nevus. It is a very fine process and needs a good amount of experience to operate.

Hairy-nevus-Before-after-photo_cutisCutis Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center is located in Ahmadabad and providing all kinds of cosmetic and plastic surgery treatments. Dr. Chintan Patel at Cutis has recently operated on a patient of hairy nevus.In this case, the patient had medium sized mole (nevus) over the ear as shown in the given image. He has successfully removed the abnormal black skin. The excision of the skin was deeper than the hair roots. It is very important to preserve the fine layer called “perichondrium” for a successful graft take and final result. The defect of the skin was covered by the patient’s own skin harvested from his thigh. You can see the nice cosmetic result after the operation, shown in the second image.

Now it’s possible to get this type of good cosmetic result in hairy nevus. You can Contact us for any cosmetic and plastic surgery in India. We will be back soon with the some more cases and advanced treatments of plastic and cosmetic surgery science. Your precious suggestions and comments are always welcome.