As you know that baldness is not the only cause of hair loss from the scalp. Scalp is one of the most frequently injured parts of the body. Hair loss caused by the injury can be as debilitating as the trauma itself. Injury to the scalp results into destruction of hair follicles in the affected area. Thus the injured area of the scalp remains bald even after the healing is completed. Accidents, burns, glass injuries, sports injuries, industrial accidents, childhood accidents etc. are some of the cases which might lead to baldness.

Apart from accidents there are some disease conditions and infections of the scalp which can cause baldness. Moreover, there might be post-surgical scars (which are caused due to surgery) which can lead to permanent hair loss. For example neurosurgery which requires an incision over the scalp for an entry in the skull.

If scalp scars are small, they will not cause any cosmetic problems. They can be hidden by minor and effective changes in the hair style. But large and visible scars can create many problems in physical appearance, personality and self-esteem. The most effective and scientifically option for such scarred scalp is to undergo the hair transplant surgery.
Hair transplant in the scarred area is not as simple as hair transplant for natural baldness. It requires a careful examination of the scarred area as well as the whole scalp. The experienced cosmetic surgeon considers various aspects like presence of underlying chronic diseases that affect the scalp, the blood supply in the scarred area of the scalp, scalp thickness in the area that is to undergo for hair transplantation procedure and direction of the hairs of the normal scalp.

After all the tests and physical examination, hair transplantation in the scarred area can be carried out resulting into a successful outcome. And the patient can regain youthful and improved appearance which will enhance his/her self-confidence.


Here, a patient’s photograph is displayed who developed baldness after injury over the scalp. As the scar was significantly larger, it was not possible to hide the scar with surrounding hairs. So, hair transplantation surgery was planned for his problem. Hair transplant was done with meticulous planning and utmost care using Zeiss 4 x loupe for magnification. And this reflects in the post-operative photograph showing completely covered bald scalp with 100% natural look.