Moles are the blemishes of various sizes and color located in different layers of skin. It is natural and normal; in fact majority people have moles. Research says that 1 – 3 % of all babies have one or more moles at birth. Generally most people have brown spots. It can be seen anywhere in the body and could be flat, raised or variety of shapes. Sometime moles are also called “beauty marks” as when they are found on the cheek or chin of women and make their face look pretty.

Not every mole is beautiful. Especially a dark spot on one’s face can affect self confidence and appearance badly. This is the reason why most people prefer to remove such unwanted moles from their body. Removal of mole is very easy and can be done using several methods. Some of the most commonly used methods are surgical excision, radiofrequency ablation and laser ablation. All these techniques have their own indications. Surgical excision of facial moles requires good amount of surgical experience and knowledge to select a proper site of incision.

Cutis Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center provides all kinds of plastic and cosmetic surgeries. Our plastic surgeon has vast experience of Plastic Surgery in Ahmadabad. Let us have a look at the case of mole removal surgery performed by Dr. Chintan Patel at Cutis Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center.  This was the case of a mole over the left cheek at naso labial region. It is very noticeable part of the face so patient decided to get the mole removed. She wanted the mole removal surgery with the best possible result means with the minimum scar formation.


As you can see in the picture before operation, an ellipse around the mole is marked. The direction of the ellipse is kept parallel to the natural (naso labial) crease. After excision of the mole in an elliptical fashion under local anesthesia, the margins were approximated and sutured in two layers with very fine threads using magnification. The stitches were removed earlier to avoid scar marks. Proper after care and follow up was done to further minimize the scar formation.  The final result is visible as no scar formation at all.

Mole removal can significantly improve patient’s appearance, self-esteem and self confidence. It becomes even more important to remove the mole when it is discovered that the mole is in pre-cancerous stage or at the initial stage of cancer formation. Removing such moles can prevent serious health problems or even can save the patient’s life. We at Cutis Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center provide all kinds of cosmetic, plastic surgeries and consultancy. You can Contact Us for any plastic surgery requirement or any other health queries. We will be happy to answer you.

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Till then Be Healthy, Be Safe.