Mommy Makeover Surgery in Ahmedabad at Cutis Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center

Motherhood is considered as the greatest gift that life can bestow upon a woman. The female body has to go through many changes during pregnancy and once the baby is born, getting back into shape can prove to be a daunting task indeed.  So, it would be sad if the boon of a new born baby had to come with a price. Many women are often left depressed by the condition pregnancy leaves their body. And they do not have any clue regarding how to address this problem. Stretch marks are left where the belly had been stretched. Breasts sag and lose their perky and lifted appearance. And that stomach flab simply refuses to go.

The Whats

How we look or rather how we perceive ourselves affects our self esteem and confidence to a great extent. That is the reason; the field of cosmetic surgery has been looking into ways to tackle this post delivery disfigurement of female body. And the doctors have finally come up with a procedure that they call the mommy makeover. Designed by the best in the field with the greatest skills and the latest technology, mommy makeover aims to make a woman feel good about her body after pregnancy. Thus it restores her natural confidence by way of cosmetic surgery. There are many other benefits to this procedure as well. No wonder then that mommy makeover has been touted by many as the one stop solution to all the body woes of a new mother.

The Whys

There are several reasons why doctors all over the world recommend mommy makeover procedure over all other options. They are:

  • The first of them is that opting for a mommy makeover saves you a whole lot of recovery time. Back in the days, one would have to go through separate procedures one after another. A breast augmentation or a breast lift would be followed by a tummy tuck. Some would then also go for a liposuction. The patient would have to allow for time to recover in between the procedures. Mommy makeover judiciously combines several different procedures to be performed at the same time, therefore reducing the time significantly.
  • No two people have the exactly same body type. Pregnancy affects each woman differently and also, a woman’s perception of herself and how she visualizes her perfect body varies considerably from one to another. Some are served best by liposuction while for others tummy tuck is the best option. Yet others may want to have a simultaneous procedure of breast augmentation and breast lifting. Mommy makeover procedures are tailored to suit the needs of female body and mind. She can pick amongst the various options offered so that she can go home with the perfect body. Mommy makeover is the answer to her every whim, every desire.
  • Since mommy makeover will get rid of the excess fat and take care of the sagging breasts, such problems as stretch marks and melasma are also solved to a large extent. It leaves the patient with an over-all better skin returning to the smoothness and firmness of pre-pregnancy days. In fact, she may find herself thinking she look even better than before!

Mommy makeovers also work on women who are not mothers and have merely gained some weight or those who have given birth quite a while back. Cosmetic surgery can work wonders on their bodies restoring their youthful appearance and helping them reclaim the confidence of bygone days. It is wise to hold off on the procedure until one is sure about not having more kids since all the good work will go to waste if one ends up getting pregnant. Consult with your doctor to decide on the procedures that needs to be included in the package. Also take this opportunity to discuss the expenses to be incurred in the process and make sure you are getting your money’s worth.