Body Contouring Surgery in Ahmedabad - Cutis

Nowadays, one can easily gain back his/her self confidence by improving the body shape with contouring surgeries. Body contouring surgeries improve the shape and tone of the underlying tissues that support the skin and also remove excess sagging fat. As a matter of fact body contouring procedures can be used for changing the shape and tone of any particular part of the body or several of them at the same time. Using different types of Body Contouring Surgery like breast lift and thigh lift or abdominoplasty – it is now possible to reshape any part of the body for an appealing personality. People now prefer to opt body contouring for a number of different reasons and here are some of the most prominent ones.

Pregnancy and Childbirth
This is one of the most popular reasons that make women choose for Body Contouring Surgery after childbirth. Weight gain is a common scenario post pregnancy and childbirth, which leaves prominent effects on waist, hips and the breasts. Most body contouring surgeries are designed to focus upon breast lift and augmentation, breast reduction, abdominoplasty, arm lift, butt augmentation and liposuction.

Weight Loss Programs
Losing weight is good, but it can be quite frustrating at the same time, because for the extra weight you lose it leaves behind disturbing effects like stretched or sagging skin. But with body contouring surgeries, one can improve his/her body tone in order to have a sleek and toned body again. Though there are number of different procedures for this type of contouring, abdominoplasty and thigh plasty are probably the most frequently used methods. Abdominoplasty removes the left over fat cells and excess skin and also tightens the underlying fascia and muscles.

Bikinis and Swimsuits
Moms in general hate bikinis and swimsuits, because most of the times the swimwear makes them look vulnerable and exposed. In that case, breast augmentation Body Contouring Surgery can be of great help. These types of surgeries, by improving the shape, firmness and appearance of the breasts make them look better and proportionate with the rest of the body features. This can also be done in conjunction with breast lifting or reduction and is pretty popular amongst all different contouring surgeries.

With growing age gravity takes a toll on the human body by making the skin inelastic and sagging and women are more vulnerable to its effects than men. Breasts are the areas in women body those perhaps suffer the most due to gravity. A breast lifting surgery will lift the sagging breasts to a more natural position and create fuller and more youthful looking breasts.

Additionally, over-sized hips and flabby arms are the two other areas that concerns most. Liposuction surgery and arm lift surgeries are used for bringing those areas back into shape and thus providing the ladies with a properly contoured and toned body all around.