As we age, scars and wrinkles become part and parcel of our face leading to making us conscious about our appearance. It gives worries and instead of enjoying life we become conscious where or not our laughter and smiles make us ancient! There is no need to live in anxiety now. There are several options that can make you look better and feel better. One such is facial surgery in Ahmedabad.

Yes, we’re talking about botox and dermal filler. These solutions can cut down and also eliminate wrinkles from your face without even going under the knife. The best part is Botox and dermal fillers are also not that expensive and invasive as cosmetic surgery. Let‘s have a look what these two options are actually and how it works!

What is Botox?

Botox, also known with its scientific name – botulinum, is the common trade name we all know this substance. The basic goal of using this substance is to treat and prevent facial wrinkles. It can also be utilized in treating blepharospasms, muscle dystonias, strabismus.

This substance got the approval of FDA to be used by public in 2002 as a cosmetic treatment to remove wrinkles and fine lines above the eyebrows. Since then, it has earned a good name as one of the most popular treatments for those who are seeking help to prevent the signs and impacts of aging in their face or to fix any present signs.

What is Facial Fillers?                                            

These fillers are also termed as dermal fillers. Similar to Botox, this is also popular to eliminate signs of aging in the face. Because of their similar use they are often being confused by the users. The major difference between the two is that Botox ceases those muscles’ activities that are responsible for wrinkles whereas facial fillers fill the trouble areas using collagen. It helps trigger collagen growth in the face. It also lifts the skin and plumps the skin to replace collagen loss. Thus it helps your skin retain the youthful look and also eliminates signs of aging that are the result of collagen depletion.

Choosing between the Two

The most important things to consider when selecting between facial fillers and Botox is the type of wrinkles you have and how you want to eliminate it.

Botox is considered to be the ideal choice, better than fillers, for dynamic wrinkles as it cuts down their visibility. Wrinkles are mostly formed when the face is in motion or creating any expression. They are mostly formed in the forehead and the surrounding areas of the eyebrows.

Facial fillers are mostly recommended for static wrinkles that are apparent even when your face is not in motion or making no expression. The major impact of these options is that these areas are depleted and sunken in and it will add the fullness that facial fillers have to offer.

Having good idea about the major differences between Botox and facial fillers and how they actually work is of the essence when seeking cosmetic treatment for your wrinkles. So whichever one you choose, both are the most promising ways to recapturing and maintaining a youthful appeal.