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Cheek Augmentation, Cheek Implant Surgery in Ahmedabad, India

Cheek Augmentation Ahmedabad

Cheek Augmentation Surgery

cheek augmentation surgery hospital in Ahmedabad - Cutis Hospital

Cheek Augmentation or cheek implant is the most popular facial cosmetic surgery among men and women who feel that their cheeks are not properly defined or sunken. Cheek augmentation (implant) surgery is known medically as submalar and malar augmentation and is chiefly meant for people who have poorly defined cheeks which appear hollow as a result of tissue loss. The major reason behind this sagging is ageing or heredity, people who experience loss of tissue in the cheekbone area due to congenital deformities or trauma are also good candidates for this procedure. Cheek implant surgery is important as otherwise your face may look asymmetrical and would not look appealing. Most people who wish to undergo this procedure focus on the contours of their cheeks. In general, a person must be healthy and have stable weight to undergo this procedure. Any dental or sinus issues must be treated before considering this surgery. Those considering nose corrective surgery or Rhinoplasty can consider cheek augmentation as well in order to achieve the best results. Cheek augmentation (implant) in Ahmedabad is considered the best for enhancing your looks

Cheek Augmentation Procedure

Cheek augmentation is usually performed under local anaesthesia but if combined with other facial surgeries, a surgeon may prefer general anaesthesia. It takes a time of between one to two hours for completing Cheek augmentation procedure. The surgeon makes incisions usually in the lower eyelid or inside the mouth so that no scars are visible. A small pocket for implants is created in the facial tissue by the surgeon. The cheek implants Ahmedabad are then inserted in the pocket and the face is stitched back.

Cheek Augmentation Recovery & Results

In Cheek implant procedure patients may require around one week’s time to recover. During this time you can expect soreness, swelling and bruising on the skin. You can find it difficult to chew the food until your cheeks are healed. It is important that you keep your head and neck elevated for first few days for preventing the implant from shifting out of place.
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