Baldness in the male is common, but when it comes to female, hair loss is the thing that can take their sleep and peace of mind away, leaving them worried about the horrifying results all the time. It’s time to face the reality rather weaving stories about the reasons for hair fall. Health issues like menopause, stress, insomnia etc. are some of the greatest reasons that should be cured.

You could even consult experts from the city and go for hair loss treatment in Ahmedabad as you could select from the numerous modernized clinics in Ahmedabad. But, before reaching to any of the crucial decision, we want you to know the facts of this uncommon change (hair loss) in your body.

10 Hair Loss Facts to be observed

  1. Sudden hormonal or internal changes can get you in the situation of severe hair loss. Approx 25% of the females experience hair thinning due to hormone sensitivity.
  2. Changes in the eating habits can also lead to hair loss. A sudden intake of foods without any nutritional values will affect your skin and hair severely.
  3. Even the immune disorder can be one of the reasons for hair fall in women.
  4. The birth control pills, which are common nowadays can cause hair fall due to its content that shrinks the hair follicles. You can ask your doctor to change the pills but again it would cause other problems.
  5. Hormones like estrogen and progesterone play a crucial role in stopping the hair fall. Ovulation is the technique, which would help in balancing these hormones. Even the dermatologists offering hair loss treatment in Ahmedabad (the city is known for having knowledgeable and experienced doctors) would suggest withdrawing the birth control pills to stop hair fall. As only ovulation can balance these hormones which in turn will reduce the hair fall.
  6. For all the ladies having hair fall problem, it is suggested to control the hormones like testosterone, DTH and androstenedione that are generally useful. As too many hormones named androgens may cause hair loss.
  7. Certain food habits like over intake of sugar-free food, artificial edible colors and flavors, fried etc. also lead to severe hair fall. Even changes in your lifestyle like insufficient sleep and excessive stress may result in hair thinning.
  8. Thyroid can also be one of the reasons for hair loss. Getting it checked regularly and trying to control it would help you worry less about the frequent loss of hair. As hair follicles are either too much or too little sensitive to thyroid hormone that causes hair thinning issues.
  9. Low proportion of iron in the body might be the reason too as hair follicles require a high amount of iron. Ask your doctor test your iron consumption; it should not be less than 50ng/ML. If it is lower than the required amount, start taking food rich in iron.
  10. Just as iron, zinc too is necessary for healthy hairs. It balances androgens and makes the process of ovulation regular which in turn will reduce the hair fall. If you have the zinc deficiency, its supplements will work wonders.

Treating hair fall with the right technique at the right time is beneficial. With all the above- mentioned facts, you can figure out where is the problem. Take care of your skin and hair; they are special to you!