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Male Breast Reduction/Gynecomastia Surgery in Ahmedabad

Male Breast Reduction Ahmedabad

Male Breast Reduction/Gynecomastia Surgery

Male Breast Reduction/ Gynecomastia Surgery Hospital in Ahmedabad

We understand that development of breast fat in males can be embarrassing. The medical name of this condition is Gynecomastia. This term is related to men where a male suffers from abnormal growth of glandular breast tissues and fat which results in large breasts like females. There is a common belief amongst people that obesity leads to gynecomastia. The truth is that this is not the sole cause. Hormonal imbalance, especially during puberty plays an important role in the development of this medical condition. Male breast reduction surgery is an effective and safe way of correcting this incorrect state.

Cutis has been contouring lives and gifting people with a flawless self since years. Gynecomastia in Ahmedabad is looked after with utmost care and concern by our experts. The experienced and friendly surgeons remove the excess tissue that has accumulated in the chest in a permanent and effective manner. We are catering to the needs of many through male breast reduction surgery in Ahmedabad, India. The techniques and the post-operative care that we provide are gaining popularity across the world.

Why do people go for male breast reduction surgery?

Abnormal activity of glandular tissues leading to enlarged breasts is a phenomenon that has taken uncountable men in its fold. Teenagers, seniors and adult males; this problem has affected approximately 30% to 60% males at some point in time or the other. Male breast reduction surgery is the safest and proven way of flattening one’s chest. We understand the concerns of a teenager when he encounters the image of his enlarged breasts. Here, at Cutis Hospital, we are proud to be dealing effectively with Gynecomastia in Ahmedabad. This medical condition leads to awkwardness amongst people undergoing this phase and to them our clinic offers a new and confident look with a completely different appearance. Male breast reduction surgery in Ahmedabad, India, has actually gained a new definition with our efforts and services.

Benefits of male breast reduction surgery

There are many benefits of taking care of Gynecomastia. If it has happened during puberty, the chances of it fading away within a couple of years are high. However, if the case is that of an adult, it is really painful both physically and mentally. Getting it treated through male breast reduction surgery has far reaching benefits such as:

  • Getting those extra tissues removed will pave way for smoother and firmer chest
  • Firmer and proportionate chest lead to more masculine you.
  • It helps in improving patient`s posture and appearance.
  • Male Breast reduction surgery restores one`s self-confidence thereby improving social life.

Male breast reduction (Gynecomastia) procedure

The procedure of male breast reduction surgery is carried out with the help of general anaesthesia. The surgeon makes an incision in the inframammary crease (skin fold beneath the breast) in order to suck out the unwanted fatty tissue. After removing extra fat from the chest, the expert surgeons at Cutis carefully remove the breast gland also via the same inframammary incision. No extra cut is made for bigger sized gland or extra fat. However, in the case of very large gynecomastia with enlarged and puffy areola, a patient might require areola reduction and repositioning additionally

Post-surgery you may leave the hospital in the evening. Two days off from your regular schedule is advised. Male breast reduction surgery in Cutis clinic Ahmedabad is undertaken by our caring doctors who know how to take proper care of the patients. Avoiding strenuous physical activities for three weeks following the surgery is strongly recommended. Another thing that has to be done is wearing an elastic garment day and night at least for coming four weeks post the procedure.

Gynecomastia recovery and results

Post gynecomastia surgery dressing is applied on the part where incisions are made. You will have to wear an elastic support garment so that your newly gained chest contour heals well. At Cutis, each and everything is monitored carefully and minutely. Recovery after Gynecomastia is monitored well as the doctor specifies each and everything in absolute detail. The follow-up care is described in detail. If gynecomastia has developed due to some kind of steroids or medications, be sure that you stay away from those things to attain permanent and long lasting results.

The results start appearing over the coming month, say two to three weeks. With the passage of time, the permanent incision lines start fading. Male breast reduction surgery provides best results if precautions and proper follow-up care are taken.

Cutis-best male breast reduction surgery in Ahmedabad

Enlargement of breasts in men is a common disorder and surgery is the proven way of getting it corrected. It can be done by carrying out male breast reduction surgery which is also known as day care surgery. We at Cutis carry out the procedure with utmost care and ensure our patients get the desired results. We have been constantly producing good and satisfactory results owing to the sincere approach of our doctors.

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Frequently Asked questions

  • Why enlargement of male breast occurs?

    Male breast enlargement is known as gynecomastia. Male have hormones of both the sexes. During puberty both the hormones rise, but in some cases excess rise in the hormones lead to female like breasts in males which is called gynecomastia in medical term and male breast enlargement in general term.

  • What is the procedure of breast reduction?

    Marking is done in standing position and according to the technique used. Different measurements are taken and final marking is drawn carefully on the breasts. During the surgery excess fat, skin, tissues are removed from the breasts and the nipple and areola is moved as per the new position.

  • How much time the surgery will take?

    Gynecomastia is not a big surgery; it’s only a moderate level day care surgery. You may go back to home 6 hours after the surgery.

  • How much rest is required?

    If you are office worker with no much physical activity you may resume work in 1-2 days, if more physic al work is there should be delay of 3-4 days, then resume gradually. Strenuous work and heavy lifting should be avoided for at least three weeks.

  • Any complication possible and what is incidence?

    Almost all complications related to surgery including infection, bleeding, pain and unsatisfactory result may happen in the surgery. But till now we have not seen any of them. We take proper precaution right from the very beginning and getting good results.

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