It is a fact that liposuction has the potential to offer you a great younger looking and toned contours. If your cankles are compelling you wear long pants or a double chin is a reason staying you indoors, liposuction is the solution and the potential to ward off all those fatty deposits to give you a clean, attractive and good looking personality.

In fact, this plastic surgery procedure can be used and work well almost any part of the body, reducing small chunks of fat deposits where exercise and diet appear to be ineffective. The most common body parts that are widely used to treat through this surgery includes thighs, stomach, and upper arms, but practically it can be used to bring back into shape any part of your body. Even after the growing traction of this procedure, there are certain misconceptions / myths that are very common about the body contouring procedure that you must not accept.

1. Liposuction and a Tummy Tuck Are Same

This is a common myth that tummy tucks and liposuction are similar but the fact is these two procedures cannot be used interchangeably. In fact, liposuction targets to improve and reduce tummy tuck, but it cannot remove excess abdominal skin or loose abdominal cells.

Suppose you are looking only to reduce the fatty deposits in your stomach, liposuction is the right way to opt for. But due to losing weight or pregnancy, you have lost the tightness of your abdomen or you have stomach protrudes, a tummy tuck will help you acquire the toned and well-shaped tummy.

2. Losing Weight is all about Liposuction

Had it been true, this procedure would have gotten more attention and popularity that it already is! The fact is, it is widely used to get rid of stubborn patches of fat that is not going even after reducing weight through healthy diet and regular exercise. It is a way to become perfect after you already have controlled your weight but not able to terminate the fat deposits that snatch glamor and attraction from your contour.

3. Liposuction Is Meant for Women Only

Yes, this is a common perception that lipo is mostly used and meant to be used by women only. This is absolutely wrong and a great number of men are also opting for liposuction procedure and gaining benefits. Why can only women look good and not guys? It can equally benefit both and meant for both. In fact, it is one of the most desired and sought after cosmetic surgery popular among men, who are struggling to get rid of persistent pockets of fat.

4. There’s an Age Limit to get Best Results from Liposuction

It is not true that being old you cannot opt for liposuction as it may not work or give best results. Whatsoever age bracket you are in, this procedure would surely help you get the optimum result! You simply have to be fit and in good health to go under the knife for this procedure. Consult your surgeon and liposuction can be a great solution for your trouble patches.

5. Liposuction Give Results Instantly

Have you ever witnessed any surgery or procedure that will provide you instant results? Probably not! Every procedure has its own downtime. You cannot walk out of your liposuction surgery and expect immediate results. With liposuction procedure also you need to give some time to receive the results. The duration of this procedure recovery may be based on the quantity of liposuction you have undergone and in which body part. If you have done it on only small areas you might resume your work in 2 or 3 days but if you have this procedure done in the larger area of the body it may take 10 days to recuperate. You need to slowly gear up your regular activities. You may also return to your strenuous workouts in 6 weeks.

6. The Fat Returns

This is one of the most daunting and false perception that the terminated fat will return may be in a different region. But this is not true. This procedure removes fat cells from the root area, and so long you would keep yourself fit and healthy, there is no chance of returning it. Of course, this procedure cannot help you from getting the weight but the fat that has been removed cannot return either. You just have to keep your lifestyle and habits under check.

Liposuction can yield amazing results if done properly and under the right guidance! Give your personality a new definition opting for a liposuction treatment in Ahmedabad warding off all the above myths. You would be amazed to watch the results!