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Arm liposuction surgery: How can it help you?

Upper arm flab often termed as “bat wings”, remains a common problem even amongst women, who have otherwise near-perfect bodies. Upper arm flab is a confidence dampener as it stops one from wearing sleeveless clothes. Very often obese people start losing weight and find the skin of their upper arms sagging, which cannot be eliminated […]

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Scar Revision Surgery and its’ Advantages

  Appearance plays a very important role in modern society Scarring can be unsightly especially if it is the result of an injury or poor wound healing after a surgery. Visible scars can cause embarrassment or self-consciousness. They may be depressed, raised, discoloured, jagged or noticeable because of their obvious placement. Some scars can even […]

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Surgical Treatment for Permanent Mole Removal

Moles are the blemishes of various sizes and color located in different layers of skin. It is natural and normal; in fact majority people have moles. Research says that 1 – 3 % of all babies have one or more moles at birth. Generally most people have brown spots. It can be seen anywhere in […]

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