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Arm liposuction surgery: How can it help you?

Upper arm flab often termed as “bat wings”, remains a common problem even amongst women, who have otherwise near-perfect bodies. Upper arm flab is a confidence dampener as it stops one from wearing sleeveless clothes. Very often obese people start losing weight and find the skin of their upper arms sagging, which cannot be eliminated […]

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Scar Revision Surgery and its’ Advantages

  Appearance plays a very important role in modern society Scarring can be unsightly especially if it is the result of an injury or poor wound healing after a surgery. Visible scars can cause embarrassment or self-consciousness. They may be depressed, raised, discoloured, jagged or noticeable because of their obvious placement. Some scars can even […]

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Liposuction – The Best Treatment for Male Breast (Gynecomastia) Reduction

Gynecomastia means a man having woman like breasts. This problem is characterized by excess development of breast glandular tissue or excess fat deposition over the chest or most commonly combination of both excess gland + fat. The condition of overdeveloped breasts in men is not uncommon. Sometimes during thpe puberty in boys, these breast glands […]

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