You must be heard about saying “Appearance rules the world”. Hair matters a lot that improves your overall appearance along with your self-esteem and confidence level. Truly, I experienced it.

Due to hair loss, I started losing my confidence it affected on over all my behavior. At that time, Dr. Chintan Patel has guided me about hair transplant to get rid of this problem. I have visited him and he advised me for the hair transplantation surgery. He guided me in detailed about the process of hair restoration. On 4th Sep, 2014, I operated hair transplant by Dr. Chintan. Today I feel very proud of my decision for hair transplantation as it improved my confidence level and also changed my body language. Now, I am so happy and enjoying the confidence of a full head of hair.

If you are facing the same problem of baldness or hair loss, I strongly recommend consulting with Dr. Chintan Patel and visit him. He is one of the specialists of hair transplantation in Ahmedabad.