I had multiple lipomas on my both hands, and I had my surgery at Cutis Hospital in Ahmedabad. There are multiple things I would like to talk about the surgery procedure that I had. Few of them are as follows;

If you have not yet read the doctor’s qualification, you have to go through it first. He is a surgeon and his specialization is in cosmetic surgery. Hence, there is no reason for anybody to go to a general surgeon and have the scars on the body forever.

Most people (in general) in Ahmedabad thinks that cosmetic surgery is costly. However, it is not the case with Cutis Hospital. The initial consultation charge is as less as watching two movies in a multiplex. It’s pretty much reasonable. So, before having any (general or cosmetic) surgery at any other place, you can at least ask for Dr. Chintan Patel’s opinion.

I met Dr. Chintan Patel in the evening and the next day morning I had my surgery. Once you meet the doctor, you instantly trust him. This is the finest thing about my surgery. I never had to worry about my surgery.  So, if you have any phobia regarding surgery, and if your surgery falls in the categories of ‘general or cosmetic”, then you should at least meet him once.

The fourth point is about the products he used for the surgery. If you had any sort of “dressing or stitches” before, and if you felt the pain, believe me, it can be completely avoidable. Nowadays, the technology is far superior (I am a Ph.D. in Computer Engg., and so you can trust me), and Dr. Chintan Patel keeps up with the technology. Having a doctor with vast experience and the knowledge of current technology is a rare combination, and Dr. Chintan Patel has both of them.

At the end, I would like to quote Albert Camus “You cannot create experience. You must undergo it.“. So, have the experience, and believe me, you will be the next to write a testimonial for Dr. Chintan Patel and CUTIS.