I was skeptical while choosing the Surgeon for my hair transplant, and obviously so as this is our own body and looks that will be affected. After talking to few people, reading reviews and an appointment with Dr. Chintan I decided to go with the surgery.

The procedure is divided into three stages and mind you, totaling 8 -10 hours, so be prepared to spend the whole day on a recliner. I must say, Dr. Chintan did not leave me unattended even for a minute during the entire period. The entire team consisting of 10 people who are always eager to help you for any questions you may have even while they are engaged.

Dr. Chintan is detail oriented, and enjoys his work which is very important for patients and does his job remarkably well. He is way over qualified for hair transplant as he does much complex surgeries at his clinic for which he is widely known. The staff over all is nice and friendly and if you have a specific request, be assured your voice will be heard by everyone including Dr. Chintan. The place is neat and clean and the staff make sure that it remains the same.

Over all, I was very happy the way I was treated and the surgery was performed. I highly recommend Dr. Chintan, and Cutis Hospital for any of your cosmetic need.

Keep it up Dr. Chintan