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Cutis - Patient Testimonials

Satisfied patients make the doctor successful. We solely work to provide the world-class surgical experience. Cutis Hospital has earned the trust of hundreds of satisfied patients for Hair transplantation and other cosmetic surgeries. That makes Cutis the first choice to go for plastic or cosmetic surgeries in Ahmedabad. Following are some of the gratified words of the patients treated by Dr. Chintan Patel and Cutis Hospital.

  • Respected Chintan sir,

    It was multiple tumors in medium nerves. It was very painful. We come to Cutis Hospital in Ahmedabad with reference of Dr. Hitesh Patel. It was a wonderful experience of my life Dr. Chintan sir remove all the tumor without damage nerves and done fully successful surgery. Finally, I got 100% positive result. I would like to thank you very much to Dr. Chintan sir who gives me new life and saves my left arm now he becomes part of my life.

    Thank you.

    ( મારા પુત્ર ના ડાબા હાથે મિડીયમ નર્વસ ઉપર મલ્ટી ન્યુરો ફાઈબ્રોના દુઃખાવાના કારણે અમે બહુજ ટેન્સન ની પરિસ્થિતિ માં આપનાં સંપર્કમાં આવેલ અને તેનું બીજુ ઇન્વેસ્ટીગેશન અને ઓપરેટ કર્યા પહેલાં આપે અમોને હિંમત આપી આ પરિસ્થિતિ માંથી બહાર આવી શકવાની હિંમત આપ્યા પછી કોમ્પ્લીકેટ જેવી સર્જરી તા.20/06/2017 ના રોજ બહુ જ સરળ રીતે કરી થયેલ ફાઈબ્રોમા દુર કરી તે ચમત્કાર સ્વરૂપ છે.

    આજે અમો ૧૯ દિવસે ફોલોઅપ માં આવ્યા છીએ ત્યારે અમારી કોઈ કમ્પ્લેન નથી ખરેખર આવા ડોક્ટરશ્રી એ તેઓના અનુભવ થી મુશ્કેલ દર્દીઓની જીંદગી માં નવેસર થી આનંદમય કરી શકે છે. ડૉ. ચિંતનસરનો આભાર વ્યક્ત કરવાના કોઈ શબ્દ નથી. તેઓની તેમની ફીલ્ડ માં ઉતરોતર પ્રગતિ થાય તેવી શુભેચ્છાઓ સહ ધન્યવાદ.) 

    Anonymous – Multiple neurofibroma treatment
  • female-icon-390x450

    This testimonial is an expression of deep gratitude and satisfaction; I have; having undergone the surgery by the able hands of Dr. Chintan. K. Patel – who in my opinion is indeed a great Plastic Surgeon.

    He was the first super specialist who took the time and efforts to put all the scattered pieces of my health problems together and explain the complicated dynamics behind my disharmony. From the very first appointment I knew that Dr. Patel was genuinely interested in my complete health and wellbeing. In each appointment he always took the necessary time to explain each and every step of the treatment process, answer my questions, and educate me on the healing process. I hence have full satisfaction about Lipo-abdominoplasty that I underwent at Cutis. I am deeply satisfied at the compliments I receive from my family and friends and the awe struck look of my colleagues and hence I am full of praises for him.

    Not only. Dr. Patel; but the entire staff in his Cutis hospital have shown me and my family what true passion for patient care looks like and I am forever grateful for the ways that Dr. Patel`s surgical skill and care has impacted my health and living.

    My husband and me often talk about the amazing gift Dr. Patel has given us and our gratitude will never lessen. We wish him and his Cutis hospital all the best. May he continue to brighten the life of as many individuals like me as he can….for it is rightly said that “The hands that Heal are holier, than the lips that pray”

    Anonymous – Lipoabdominoplasty