The appearance of a person is the outward sign of his or her attitude, style and personality. So caring for our looks becomes imperative to attain an appealing personality. To flaunt your stylist self, flawless beauty is a must. And if there is anything that comes on the way of your looks, we, at Cutis Hospital in Ahmedabad, ensure to bid a goodbye to it!Our fast paced life demands too much from us impacting our attractiveness. Be it the fault of your genes or your taxing life, your personality should be taken care of. Take control of your appearance by choosing us. We perform cosmetic surgeries giving you a better look and loads of confidence. With tremendous advance in the field of medical science, cosmetic surgery is being increasingly opted by the people to whom looks do matter. Cutis is the one solution for all problems related to cosmetic beautification at costs in Ahmedabad that are simply affordable.


We are proud to own domain expertise in the following areas:

Hair Transplantation
Hair fall is one of the most worrisome issues of advancing age. Around 70% men and 50% women complain of hair fall at some point in their life. Our modern lifestyle is so hectic that we often fall prey to premature greying of hairs and hair fall. Save yourself the embarrassment by going for hair transplants to give yourself a new look.

Nose Surgery
Rhinoplasty or ‘Nose correction surgery’ as it is commonly known, is one of the most difficult yet the most popular cosmetic surgeries of recent times. Our certified and experienced professionals alter the shape of the nose, height of the nose, span of the nostrils or the angle between the nose and the upper lip to make your features look sharp and well defined.

Breast Surgery
Breast surgery is no more reserved to glamour world or supra rich in these times. Cutis is determined to provide the best treatment for breast related problems to women in India. We are specialist in breast augmentation, reduction, breast lift, silicone implants, breast reconstruction and gynecomastia (male breast) reduction.

Body Contouring
Perfect body shape is what we provide through our state-of-the-art body contouring solutions in Ahmedabad. Get rid of excess fat of your body by liposuction that helps to reduce the number of fat cells in the body.

Facial Surgery
Rhytidectomy or ‘face lift’ was once meant for the elite class only. But its popularity and our efforts have made it available to all. We provide wrinkle free and youthful skin through facial surgery. Apart from face lift, we produce the best results for small yet important facial problems like moles, warts, facial skin cancer, facial scars, birth marks, split ear lobe etc.


Care is taken for each and every treatment conducted at Cutis Hospital. Our strict adherence to all standard guidelines has earned us years of reputation in the industry. We deploy cutting edge know-how and latest technology to ensure best of the best results. Be it our Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) services in hair transplants or the usage of internationally sourced techniques for body contouring, breast surgery or facial surgery, we have set a benchmark in the field of cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery.


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Surgeries conducted by Cutis own an impeccable reputation of not having any harsh side effects. We are proud of providing 100% safe and effective treatments. Our clients’ testimonials speak for our proven success records. For surgeries such as face-lifts, we keep the patients under surveillance to avoid complicationsduring the recovery process. For nose surgeries, our highly certified surgeons practice meticulous pre and postoperative techniques to attain the favourable outcome.

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What Our Client Says

Very good approach towards the patient. It seems as if the fear of being in hospital disappears as we enter the hospital. The way the staff deal with the patient is really remarkable and this would have become practical because of the way the doctor treats the staff …as if family members. The cleanliness in the hospital is noticeable. The infrastructure is excellent. Doctor sir’s dealing with the patient makes the patient tension free and gives courage to under go the treatment with confidence. A very very good experience. Doctor sir is a good writer as well. To get the medical treatment in such a hospital is a life time memory that will remain carved for ever in life at some corner of heart. Wish more patients would continue to have such treatment in other hospitals as well. Thank you sir and your entire staff for so kind and careful treatment given.

Seemaben R. Patel

I had been suffering from an ongoing infection for a long time and even had multiple surgeries in USA (California) for the same.

After multiple attempts and still no results about the infection I decided to get an opinion in India.

I met Dr. Chintan on the very first day of my vacation after recommendation from my family doctor. He suggested to get another surgery done to remove the infected tissues and also to get to the root of the infection. It had been almost 8 months getting treated at best hospitals in USA and still the doctors hadn’t found the root cause of the issue.

We also met other doctors (Cancer specialist and Infectious Diseases Specialist) recommended by Dr. Chintan before the surgery so that we get their opinion too and don’t miss any tests needed.

I was already depressed after having 2 surgeries before and still no solution to my problem . After my surgery Dr. Chintan told me that they actually were able to figure out the problem and the surgery was successful. It has been almost 3 weeks since the surgery and my infection hasn’t reoccurred.

Dr. Chintan was very understanding and helps out with all the questions that we had before and after the surgery. The staff was very patient and helpful. Also they were very accommodating with my tights schedule since I was in India only for few weeks.

Ms. Sinha

I had multiple lipomas on my both hands, and I had my surgery at CUTIS hospital in Ahmedabad. There are multiple things I would like to talk about the surgery procedure that I had. Few of them are as follows;

If you have not yet read the doctor’s qualification, you have to go through it first. He is a surgeon and his specialization is in cosmetic surgery. Hence, there is no reason for anybody to go to a general surgeon and have the scars on the body forever.

Most people (in general) in Ahmedabad thinks that cosmetic surgery is costly. However, it is not the case with CUTIS hospital. The initial consultation charge is as less as watching two movies in a multiplex. It’s pretty much reasonable. So, before having any (general or cosmetic) surgery at any other place, you can at least ask for Dr. Chintan Patel’s opinion.

I met Dr. Chintan Patel in the evening and the next day morning I had my surgery. Once you meet the doctor, you instantly trust him. This is the finest thing about my surgery. I never had to worry about my surgery.  So, if you have any phobia regarding surgery, and if your surgery falls in the categories of ‘general or cosmetic”, then you should at least meet him once.

The fourth point is about the products he used for the surgery. If you had any sort of “dressing or stitches” before, and if you felt the pain, believe me, it can be completely avoidable. Nowadays, the technology is far superior (I am a Ph.D. in Computer Engg., and so you can trust me), and Dr. Chintan Patel keeps up with the technology. Having a doctor with vast experience and the knowledge of current technology is a rare combination, and Dr. Chintan Patel has both of them.

At the end, I would like to quote Albert Camus “You cannot create experience. You must undergo it.“. So, have the experience, and believe me, you will be the next to write a testimonial for Dr. Chintan Patel and CUTIS.

Mr. Parmar

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