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Nose Deformity Correction Surgery

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Nose deformity correction surgery in Ahmedabad is one of the most effective surgical procedures to reshape the human nose. Patients opting for nose deformity correction or Rhinoplasty can be more purely for cosmetic reasons or in some cases to cure nose related health problems. Due to the central location of the nose, any small deformity in or around the nose directly affects the physical appearance of the whole face. Even small deformities on the nose can appear to be very prominent. This is the reason why Rhinoplasty surgery is one of the most widely performed cosmetic surgery procedures worldwide.

Nose Deformity Correction Procedure Ahmedabad

Before going in for a nose correction surgery, the surgeon examines the nose in relation to the face, and photographs of the face are usually taken to assess the same. Nose correction surgery takes about one to two hours for the whole procedure. The procedure is done under both local and general anesthesia depending on the surgeon and patient’s previous medical history. Incisions on the nose for performing Rhinoplasty depend on the reshaping job to be done. The incision separates the skin of the nose from the underlying bone and cartilage that are then trimmed accordingly to obtain the desired results. The skin is then draped over the nose and the incisions closed. The incisions for reducing the external nose are usually made inside the nose and hence there are no visible marks or scars on the nose after a Rhinoplasty.

Nose Deformity Correction Surgery Recovery Time

Most people resume their daily activities a couple of days after surgery and are resume full-time work within a week. In some cases, Swelling of the nose may stay for a few weeks but generally subsides with time. There is minimal pain post-surgery and is often controlled by mild painkillers. There may be slight bruising around the eyes if the bones of the nose have been rearranged. The bruising subsides on its own with time in a couple of weeks.

Nose Deformity Correction Surgery After Care:

Although Nose Deformity Correction Surgery in Ahmedabad is a safe medical procedure the patient is usually kept under observation post-surgery for a few hours to keep a watch on any bleeding or complications. Most Nose Deformity Correction Surgeries are done as an outpatient procedure and no overnight medical stay is required. A tape is placed on the outside of the nose and for patients with septal surgery; a small dressing is placed inside each nostril. Sleep with the head elevated at an angle of 30 to 45 degrees is recommended as it helps decrease swelling. Patients are advised not to put any undue pressure on the nose for the first few weeks and bending below the waist and doing rigorous physical activities are not recommended until complete healing takes place.

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