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Abdominoplasty also is known as a tummy tuck is a procedure that is used to remove excess fat and skin from your body. The procedure also restores weakened and separated muscles that help in creating an abdominal profile which is smooth as well as firm. Each one of us strives to have a flat and well-toned body, but exercising and dietary changes are not always helpful in it. In certain cases, people who otherwise have normal weight develop tummy that is loose or sags. There are several reasons for this sagging of tummies such as aging, pregnancy, and weight fluctuation, hereditary or prior surgeries.

Conditions for undergoing Abdominoplasty Surgery

Abdominoplasty is suitable for people who are in good health. This surgery is best suitable for women who have had several pregnancies as the procedure is helpful in tightening abdominal muscles. It is beneficial for those too who have loose skin or fat deposits in excess around the belly. Abdominoplasty in Ahmedabad is usually performed as an out-patient procedure. It takes around one or two hours to complete the procedure, once the surgery is performed dressings and bandages may be applied to the incisions. It is good to consult a specialist beforehand to understand the purpose and outcomes that are desired of the surgery.

Abdominoplasty Procedure

At Cutis Hospital, our expert cosmetic Surgeons make incisions of one or two millimeters in the belly bottom or in natural creases of the abdomen to ensure that the incisions are not clearly visible. The surgeons then bring in use the hollow tube-like instrument which helps in removing excess fat and skin from your body. Most patients are discharged several hours after performing the surgery. The results of the procedure can vary depending on each individual’s health.

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