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Nose Scar Correction Surgery

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Nose is one of the most important and prominent facial organs. Scar on various body parts can be of many forms. Scarring can be natural like a birthmark or usually following an injury, accident, surgery, burn, or acne. Scarring not only looks ugly but can also severely dent the person’s physical appearance especially when it’s visible on the face or the nose.

Nose Scar Correction Procedure in Ahmedabad

There are number of ways to remove the scar of the nose depending on the size and anatomical location of scarring. If the scar is less noticeable, a simple procedure is followed in which the scar is excised (surgically removed) and closed with tiny stitches that result in narrowing of the scar considerably. For scars that are formed near the crease, the surgeon repositions the scar parallel to the natural skin crease which makes the scar very less conspicuous.

Nose Scar Correction Recovery & Results

Nose scar correction in Ahmedabad is a very safe and effective surgical procedure. Sometimes, there are chances of temporary swelling and redness after the surgery. Some scars may appear to worsen at first look post-surgery but the final results are very good after the scar maturation process is completed. However, touch-up procedures might be required in some cases with bigger scars.

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