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Most people who aspire to have a perfect body often complain of excess fat on the upper arms that degrade their appearance. Removing fat from the upper arms is not an easy thing to do. Usually, weight loss due to obesity can be a reason behind the sagging arms. If you too are suffering from the same condition, it is good to go for arm liposuction. It is a popular liposuction surgery that gives you a better and more beautiful figure and hence boosts your confidence.

Arm Liposuction Procedure

Arm liposuction is a refined and less painful procedure if compared to the traditional procedure in which direct fat excision was done. In this procedure, a small incision is made above the elbow or in the armpit after that local anesthesia and vasoconstrictor drug is injected into the area from where fat is to be removed. Vasoconstrictor drug is used for minimizing blood loss. This process is called infiltration and it makes the suction procedure very convenient. The excessive fat is then sucked out with the help of a specially designed suction cannula. Once all extra fat is removed from the upper arms, a pressure dressing is applied on the incisions, and the patient is allowed to go home within a few hours of completion of the procedure.

Arm Liposuction After Care

The patient is discharged on the same day of conducting the surgery. It takes a time of around three to five weeks to see the exact results. Patients can resume their day-to-day work after one to two days of undergoing the surgery. If the swelling persists for a longer period or you feel concerned, you must contact your doctor for further assistance.

Cutis – The Best Arm Liposuction in Ahmedabad, India

It is always advisable to take assistance from a board-certified surgeon when you feel like undergoing arm liposuction surgery. Cutis is once such plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery hospital which provides a wide range of surgeries including liposuction, tummy tuck, abdominoplasty, and arm liposuction. At Cutis, cosmetic surgeries are performed by bringing to use modern techniques and best-grade medical ingredients. The Hospital is well equipped with all the latest facilities for performing different types of cosmetics and plastic surgeries. We abide by the government guidelines and work in the most hygienic conditions.

If you want to know more about arm liposuction surgery, feel free to contact our customer support at +91 972 599 9526, and book an appointment. Drop into the clinic and get all your queries resolved. Our specialist will study your condition and medical history before advising on any treatment. Join hands with us and see your personality transform.


Frequently Asked questions

  • Who is a good candidate for the arm liposuction surgery?

    Arm liposuction produces best results for young age groups (20-45 years) and patients with good skin elasticity. However, the patient with realistic goals for surgery and its outcome is considered as the good candidate for the arm liposuction surgery.

  • Which method should I choose amongst all?

    All the methods described above are done by using modern technology, so you can select any method in accord with your requirement as well as your budget. The most important thing to remember while selecting any particular method is “it is the expertise and experience of your surgeon which matters not the mere technology”.

  • How many methods of arm liposuction surgeries are there?
    • Conventional liposuction: This is a time tested and proven technique and most effective to produce excellent results for all types of liposuction surgeries.
    • Laser liposuction: This technique uses laser wavelength for emulsifying the fat which is then sucked out by conventional liposuction surgery technique.
    • Ultrasound liposuction: Instead of laser wavelength, ultrasound waves are used to liquefy the fat. Eventually, the liquified fat is sucked out in the same way.

What Our Client Says

Dr. Patel and the staff is very friendly and caring. They always make sure they get things done right on time. Dr. Patel made me feel comfortable going into surgery. He explains everything to you so well. He was ready to help at any given time of the day and allows you to contact him post surgery if you have any questions. I would recommend Dr. Patel if you are planning on getting a cosmetic surgery in Ahmedabad. He Has the best hospital CUTIS well-maintained rooms which make it very convenient and comfortable. visit him for post-surgery check-ups. He always cared to ask if things were going okay after surgery to make sure everything healed well. Thank you, Dr. Chintan Patel. I am very pleased with my decision in choosing him.

Dipen – Liposuction Treatment

This testimonial is an expression of deep gratitude and satisfaction; I have; having undergone the surgery by the able hands of Dr. Chintan. K. Patel – who in my opinion is indeed a great Plastic Surgeon.

He was the first super specialist who took the time and efforts to put all the scattered pieces of my health problems together and explain the complicated dynamics behind my disharmony. From the very first appointment I knew that Dr. Patel was genuinely interested in my complete health and wellbeing. In each appointment he always took the necessary time to explain each and every step of the treatment process, answer my questions, and educate me on the healing process. I hence have full satisfaction about Lipo-abdominoplasty that I underwent at Cutis. I am deeply satisfied at the compliments I receive from my family and friends and the awe struck look of my colleagues and hence I am full of praises for him.

Not only. Dr. Patel; but the entire staff in his Cutis hospital have shown me and my family what true passion for patient care looks like and I am forever grateful for the ways that Dr. Patel`s surgical skill and care has impacted my health and living.

My husband and me often talk about the amazing gift Dr. Patel has given us and our gratitude will never lessen. We wish him and his Cutis hospital all the best. May he continue to brighten the life of as many individuals like me as he can….for it is rightly said that “The hands that Heal are holier, than the lips that pray”

Anonymous – Lipoabdominoplasty

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