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Chin Implant Surgery

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Chin Augmentation Surgery is helpful for those who want to reshape or enhance the size of their chin. This procedure has many benefits attached to it such as feature enhancement and age reduction. It will correct the deformities and accentuate your beauty. Though the basic reason behind carrying out this procedure is to combat the effects of aging, there are varieties of needs beyond it. One of the greatest benefits of chin implants is that they are customizable as per personal preferences. Incisions for the chin implants are usually made below the chin so are not directly visible. In some cases, doctors make an intra-oral incision within your mouth so that there is no outer scar. We discuss with you the preferred incision site based on the implant type you choose. Recovery from chin augmentation is also not a long process, if the incision was made within the mouth, you will have to stick to the liquids for a few days and if the incision is made from outside, stitches will come out in five to seven days. Moreover, a weak chin affects your confidence, if it makes you feel self-conscious then chin augmentation surgery can help you feel better the way you feel about yourself.

Chin Implant Surgery in Ahmedabad

A small incision is made within the mouth or below the chin, depending upon your beauty goals. It takes a time of between thirty minutes to one hour to complete the surgery, the area is then bandaged. For outer incision, stitches will come out or dissolve within five to seven days, and for within mouth incision, you will have to remain on a liquid diet for a few days.

Risks of Chin Augmentation Surgery

Bleeding, bruising, and swelling are some of the common risks associated with Chin Augmentation/Implant Surgery. These, however, disappear with time. Cold compresses can be applied to the operated area to reduce the amount of swelling. Infection can also happen in a few cases. These can, however, be treated with medications.

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