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Breast reduction surgery is a procedure to remove the excess fat, breast tissue, and skin from the breasts. This surgery is generally done on women who have large pendulous breasts to ease the discomfort and embarrassment caused to them because of the large breasts. This will help them to achieve a proportionate breast size to their body. This surgery also helps women improve their self-image, and helps them participate in social and physical activities.

If you are looking for breast reduction surgery in Ahmedabad, India, please connect with world-class and well-trained surgeons to understand the underlying details and possible risks involved. Our surgeons will explain the possible complications and help you set some realistic goals and expectations for your surgery.

What is Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction surgery also referred to as reduction mammoplasty, is a procedure of removing excess fat, breast tissue, and skin from the breasts to achieve a proportionate breast size. This surgery is done to ease the discomfort due to excessively large breasts – a condition called macromastia.

Macromastia can cause physical and emotional distress to women. The patient might feel constant discomfort from the excessive size and heavyweight of the breasts. This pain and discomfort can make it challenging for the patients to perform physical activities like running, gym, jumping, etc. Along with physical ailments, some patients suffer from emotional distress leading to some serious mental health problems.

The most common reason patients opt for breast reduction surgery are medical issues but some also go for surgery if they are not happy with the size of their breasts. Some opt for it because of cosmetic reasons citing several factors – social stigmas, wardrobe issues, etc.

Who is a good candidate for breast reduction surgery?

Any woman with large breasts is a good candidate for breast reduction surgery. Women who have large breasts often complain about chronic back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain. They get a little tilted body posture due to heavy breasts, which results in back pain.

Women who face other issues due to large breasts such as – skin rash and irritation, nerve pain, restricted outdoor or indoor activity should also opt for breast reduction surgery. If you are looking to enhance your poor self-image and fit into clothing then this surgery will help you to a great extent.

Doctors recommend the following people to not opt for breast reduction surgery –

  • Women who smoke
  • Women who have uncontrolled diabetes
  • Women suffering from a serious disease that contraindicate general anesthesia.

Breast reduction is not confined to any age group. Adult women of any age can opt for breast reduction surgery. Teenagers above 17 years of age can also undergo this surgery if their problem is too serious to interfere with their daily normal life. Well, we would recommend you consult a plastic surgeon before taking any decision.

Benefits of Breast Reduction surgery

Breast reduction surgery can be beneficial to a great extent, to list a few –

  • The pain associated with heavy breasts is gone, right away!
  • Fit into every piece of clothing without worrying about your breast/bra size
  • Get rid of back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain caused due to heavy breasts
  • Get a correct body posture with normal size breasts
  • Move away with all the demoralizing combination of physical pain, emotional stress, and discomfort caused by large breasts.
  • Increase in positivity feeling.

Breast Reduction Surgery Procedures

The breast reduction surgery is performed under general anaesthesia and the procedure can last from 3 to 4 hours or more depending upon the volume of breast reduction.

The steps that our surgeons at Cutis Hospital follow are –

  • Mark the incision lines and area of breast reduction in standing position before surgery.
  • Start the procedure with general anaesthesia
  • Make the incisions as marked previously
  • Proceed with the dissection to remove extra breast tissue along with fat and skin and shift the nipple-areola to the desired level.
  • Start closure by closing the pillars of the breast for support.
  • Proceed to close the entire incision line and lastly close the nipple-areola complex.
  • Apply supportive dressing and the patient is reversed from anesthesia.
  • The patient is observed in the recovery room for a couple of hours after surgery and then shifted to her room.

The final closure of surgical incisions leaves a circular scar around the areola that becomes almost inconspicuous over a period of time and another vertical scar running from the center of the areola downward up to the crease below the breast (infra mammary crease), which also fades nicely within few months.

Breast Reduction Risks/complications

There can be possible risks associated with breast reduction surgery. All patients are informed about the possible complications associated with the surgery and their treatment during pre-operative counseling. Some of the possible complications are-

Bleeding – Bleeding is an uncommon complication. Most bleeding episodes if happen at all, happen in the early postoperative period. Pressure is the most effective method to deal with bleeding. When not amenable to pressure, bleeding needs to be stopped in operation theatre under anesthesia.

Loss of sensation – Some patients complain about the decrease or losing sensations over the nipple and areola of one or both breasts. However, in most of the patients, sensations return over a period of time.

Problems with breastfeeding – Patients who become pregnant after the surgery and plan to breastfeed their babies might face some difficulty with the flow of the milk from their nipples. They can sometimes develop milk cysts also. However, young girls suffering from massive virginal hypertrophy of their breasts prefer to undergo breast reduction surgery due to extremely satisfying results despite the possibility of not able to breastfeed.

Asymmetry of breasts – Natural asymmetry of breasts is very common and when breasts enlarge in size, this asymmetry becomes obvious and more evident. In fact, most of the patients presenting for breast reduction surgery already have mild to moderate degrees of breast asymmetry. Breast reduction surgery can decrease this asymmetry by differential reduction of tissues from both breasts and make them more symmetrical. However, in certain cases, mild asymmetry of breasts persists after the breast reduction surgery and patients are informed about this.

There can be other minor complications like the collection of clear fluid (seroma) within the breast, mild gaping of the suture line, difficulty in healing, bad scar formation, keloid development, infection and etc. People suffering from obesity and diabetes are on the higher side of developing complications. So, before surgery, it is advisable to consult your breast reduction surgeon at Cutis Hospital about your recovery, results, and possible complications.

Breast Reduction Recovery

Though breast reduction is major surgery with a very long operation time, recovery is very quick and uneventful in almost all patients. At Cutis Hospital, patients are allowed sips of water and liquids after the operation once they are comfortable and recovered fully from the effects of anesthesia. Injectable pain killer is usually not required and most patients leave the hospital on the same day evening. While leaving the hospital, patients are instructed regarding their medications, positions to be avoided, type of clothing to wear and schedule of their follow-up visit is fixed. They are given 24 X 7 contact numbers in case they feel some problem with their recovery process at home. Patients coming from remote places are provided with the facility to stay overnight and discharged the next day after a doctor’s visit. In special situations, Cutis hospital has provision for a longer duration of stay for the patients and their monitored care. After healing of incisions and stating daily routine life, patients are advised to follow up at periodic intervals in which they are guided regarding the care of their operated area and measures to control and reduce scar formation.

Once discharged from the hospital, the patient can move around slowly in the home and is allowed to operate a computer, laptop, or mobile from the next day of surgery. She is allowed to resume gentle household work after 3 – 5 days. Depending upon the patient’s recovery process and her pain response, the limit to her work and activity is relaxed by the surgeon. She can join her office and start traveling by public transport after 7 – 10 days of surgery. However, strenuous physical activities like gym, swimming, and heavy weight lifting are to be strictly avoided for 6 weeks after the surgery. The patient is advised to wear a sports bra for at least 4 – 6 weeks after the surgery.

Breast Reduction Aftercare & Results

Immediately after the surgery, the doctor will get you dressed in a snugly fitting surgical bra. This bra has large straps and a trio of front clasps to support your breasts and take some weight off the incision. This ensures healing and most importantly patients feel comfortable with the extra support of a bra.

We recommend patients wear a surgical bra for 4 – 6 weeks post-surgery, and the bandages and drainage tubes (if placed) can be removed from the body after a couple of days. After the surgery, doctors don’t recommend any bras with an underwire for six weeks; instead, you are advised to wear a sports bra for more comfort and better healing.

Breast Reduction Surgery Cost in Ahmedabad, India

The cost of breast reduction surgery varies from case to case. It depends on several factors such as the patient’s health condition, the current breast size, and the reduction required. The cost can be different depending on the type of surgery and how long the patient has to stay in the hospital. There will be an additional cost of anaesthesia, tests, prescriptions, surgical garments, and other miscellaneous costs.

To get a quote for breast reduction surgery costs in Ahmedabad, you can reach out to Cutis Hospital Ahmedabad, where our health experts can guide you, understand your requirements and tell you a price with the available surgical options.

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Frequently Asked questions

  • What breast size qualify for breast reduction surgery?

    There is no specific breast size beyond which reduction is advised, it depends on the breast composition and goals of the patient. It is advisable to consult your surgeon for a better breast reduction plan.

  • How painful is breast reduction surgery?

    As the surgery starts with general anaesthesia, pain is not there during the surgery. After the surgery, pain is moderate for initial 1 to 2 days. During this period, pain is controlled by oral drugs and if required, by injectable painkillers. After 2 – 3 days pain decreases significantly but the patient feels heaviness and swelling of both breasts till 5 – 7 days after the surgery. After one week of surgery, swelling decreases significantly and continues to decrease till 3 – 6 weeks. With the reduction of swelling and progress of healing, the patient’s comfort level increases. You are allowed to join the gym, swimming, and strenuous activities are permitted after 6 weeks of surgery.

  • How many tissues can be removed in a breast reduction surgery?

    The goal of breast reduction surgery is not removal in grams or kilograms. However, in average-sized breast reduction, 500 to 700 grams of tissue is removed from each breast. And in massive sized breasts, the reduction can reach up to 1.5 kilograms or more from each breast.

  • Does breast reduction surgery include a breast lift?

    Yes, of course. Reduction and lift of breast both go together. Oversized breasts hang very low over the chest wall and over the abdomen also. While breast reduction surgery is planned, the position of the nipple is marked higher up at its natural location. And not only actual position of the nipple-areola complex is shifted higher, but the position of the breast is changed over the chest wall. This way, breast reduction surgery comprises breast lift also. And the lift thus achieved during breast reduction surgery is extremely important to restore the aesthetic appearance and self-confidence of the patient.

  • Can I get breast reduction if I am overweight?

    If you are more overweight then it is recommended to lose your body weight to a certain extent before undergoing breast reduction surgery. This will not only help you avoid complications of the surgery, more importantly, but it will also stabilize your results of breast reduction surgery and help you maintain this result for a very long period of time following the surgery. Being extremely overweight can also cause medical problems. We recommend you discuss this issue with your surgeon prior to surgery.

  • Will my breast grow after reduction surgery?

    For most Cutis Hospital patients, we have seen a permanent reduction in breast size. But this may not be the case always and in certain situations, patients can see an enlargement of their breasts. This can happen due to reasons such as pregnancy, starting birth control pills, gaining a good amount of weight, or even undergoing menopause.

  • How much time should I take off from work after breast reduction surgery?

    We would recommend 1-2 weeks, depending on the type of job and the intensity of physical activity required. We have seen our patients go back to work in few days, but we strongly recommend to take a time off from heavy lifting or strenuous physical activities for 6-8 weeks after the surgery.

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