About Us

About Cutis Hospital

Cutis is a leading India based cosmetic surgery group. Our primary objective is to ensure the highest quality patient care in the ambulatory surgery setting. We are committed to continually improving and refining our services while researching the latest advances and innovations in the field of cosmetic surgery. This enables us to offer men and women the most up-to-date comprehensive range of treatments and services available today. By choosing to focus solely on cosmetic surgery procedures, our plastic surgeons are able to provide the very best in aesthetic surgery. This commitment has given us a worldwide recognition. Privacy and easy access are the additional features of our services. We also offer state-of-art computer imaging for selected procedures.

So, if you crave to stay beautiful and young then Cutis is the ultimate solution. We are the front-runner in offering aesthetic dermatology (which includes skin tightening, fillers, Botox, skin whitening) advanced plastic, cosmetic surgery and other skin and hair care procedures such as laser hair removal, skin resurfacing, acne scar treatment and skin whitening treatments and the list is endless. If you feel dissatisfied with your outer appearance it is the time to resort to Cutis. Our vision is to develop a place where you can experience and get benefitted with the most outstanding skin care services. Amazing ambience, attractive interior and utmost hygiene and cleanliness form the basis of our clinic.

We achieved a wide recognition from the medical community as well as national health care agencies. We are dedicated to the goals of ensuring quality and patient safety while providing innovative, cost containing solutions for patients in our hospital.