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Moles are actually a cluster of pigmented cells that can appear on any part of the body. However, the nature of moles can differ from one person to another; as some of them are larger than the typical size of a common mole. Moles vary not only in size but also in color and shape. They can appear right from birth or one can acquire them at some point in life, mostly due to exposure to sunlight. Usually, moles are benign (harmless) to our bodies. However, if you notice any abnormality related to their occurrence then you must consider seeking medical attention, without much delay as they can become cancerous too. So, whether you want to remove your moles for aesthetic purposes or for medical reasons, you must seek the advice of an experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon for this surgery.

Who Needs to Remove Moles?

Almost, every human being has moles on his/her body and it is not mandatory that they have to be removed. But, if you have an ugly-looking big mole right on your cheeks, then you might consider getting rid of it. Or if you notice a change in the color of your moles with time, or if they appear multi-colored, then mole removal is suggested. Also, if your face or body suddenly starts developing or if they start taking an abnormal shape or they begin to itch, it is time to see a doctor. A doctor after examining the moles can advise certain tests to determine whether the moles are carcinogenic or not and accordingly, can suggest treatments.

Understanding the Process of Mole Removal Surgery in Ahmedabad

Today, various advanced techniques are used to remove moles. Usually, mole removal surgery in Ahmedabad is conducted under local anesthesia. A lot of times, the moles are removed through shave excision but this process is not possible for thicker moles and there are chances of their reoccurrence. So, the best method is to remove the mole with surgery by taking a very small margin of normal skin from the sides and depths of the mole followed by direct approximation and closure of the gap.

You must have a detailed discussion with your doctor about whether you will be left with any scars post-surgery. Usually, after the mole removal procedure, you will not find any scarring.

Other methods of mole removal include electrocautery, cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen, laser excision, etc. Your cosmetic surgeon is the best person to suggest the most appropriate method for mole removal.

Side Effects of Removing Moles

There are no remarkable after-effects of mole excision surgery. At the most, the patient can suffer from mild pain or swelling, which will subside within a few days. In case, you develop some scar as a result of mole removal surgery, wait for a few weeks because in the majority of patients these scars fade away after some time.

Advantages of Mole Excision Treatment

With a successful mole removal treatment, you can get rid of those unwanted moles and this can enhance your looks. This will also act as a confidence booster because you know you are the master of beautiful and flawless skin.

Why Choose Cutis Hospital For your Mole Removal Treatment?

Cutis is the best mole removal hospital in Ahmedabad that boasts of years of treating patients successfully. Our team consists of professionals who have been trained under Dr. Chintan Patel himself. We value each and every customer and strive to get the best possible results for them. We have successfully brought smiles to thousands of faces with the hard work and experience we hold in the field of mole removal.

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