Neck Lift in Ahmedabad

Neck Lift (Platysmaplasty) Cosmetic Surgery

Neck Lift (Platysmaplasty) is a cosmetic surgical procedure for removing loose sagging skin from the neck. Neck lift cosmetic surgery can be carried out as a stand-alone procedure or combined with a facelift. Often, people who undergo facelifts feel some disorientation with the sagging muscles of the neck. Ideally, both the procedures must be carried out in one go so that the result is perfect and youthful skin.

Neck Lift Surgery in Ahmedabad

When you visit our hospital our specialists first examine your neck in relation to the face, cheeks, and nose. Patients are advised to discontinue the use of blood-thinning drugs such as aspirin several weeks prior to the surgery so that the risk of excessive bleeding can be minimized. During the neck lift surgery in Ahmedabad, incisions are made under the chin or behind the ears depending on the level of excess fat present in the neck. A tiny instrument is then used to either realign the neck muscles or remove a portion of the muscles that result in the tightened middle area of the neck. The skin is then stitched and a bandage is applied across the chin. Sometimes an elastic bandage is used which is wrapped around the neck and head ensuring a good recovery process.

Neck Lift Recovery and Results:

Usually, it takes a time of two to three hours for carrying out the surgery. If this procedure is combined with facelift surgery then it might take more time to complete the procedure. You can feel numbness on the area where neck liposuction surgery has been carried out for a couple of days after the procedure. You can return to normal activity within a week of undergoing this procedure. You are advised to avoid strenuous exercises and carry heavy weights for some time.

Frequently Asked questions

  • What is the cost of neck lifting surgery?

    Neck lifting surgery includes the surgeon’s fees, the anesthesia cost and the hospital charges as well. It varies from person to person, surgeon to surgeon and hospital to hospital.

  • What is the recovery time?

    Most patients can return to their non strenuous work after 5-10 days. However, for the first several weeks after the surgery, you should avoid bending over, lifting heavy objects and even turning from side to side. These guidelines can vary from person to person depending on person’s health, techniques used and other variable factors.

  • What are the risks and complications in the surgery?

    Risks and complications in the surgery include unfavorable scaring, excessive bleeding or hematoma, death of tissue, blood clots, changes in sensations or intense itching, skin discoloration, persistence edema(swelling), skin counter irregularities, recurrent looseness of skin, and need for additional surgery.

  • What to expect in neck lift?

    Your expectations should be realistic. You should have a strong and positive desire to undergo through the neck lift surgery.

  • Are you a good candidate for neck lift?

    The good candidate for neck lift should be non smoker and having good health. He should have positive and realistic expectations for the outcome. And the person who has sagging of neck is also considered right for the surgery.

  • What is the procedure of lifting neck?

    Neck lifting is done under the administered anesthesia. The regional anesthesia is required for the surgery. Incisions are made in front of the earlobe and loops under and behind the neck. If the platysma muscles is also be tighten then there need one more incisions under the chin. The surgery may involve a small incision under the hairline behind the neck depending on the techniques used by the surgeons. The excess skin is removed away from the neck and the tissues are repositioned during the surgery. All the incisions are closed and bandaged.

  • What is neck lift?

    Neck lift is a procedure of removing the saggy skin from the neck. The sagginess of the skin may occur due to aging, may be the result of significant weight loss, or simple hereditary. The sagging and wrinkling of the neck will be dislodged from this surgery.

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