A lecture on “Pressure Sore” by Dr.Chintan Patel

This education lecture was arranged on 20-07-2013, Saturday. It was especially arranged for the medical officers, paramedics and nursing staff of Amba health centre, Tri Mandir, Adalaj. At Amba health centre and Simandhar city, a large number of old aged and debilitated patients are treated. And many a times these senior citizens are bed ridden for prolonged time. In these circumstances they tend to develop pressure sore (bed sore). So, “Cutis” has arranged an informative and scientific talk for medical and paramedical personnel of Amba health centre. The talk was centered on the development of pressure sore, its causative factors, how to prevent the pressure sore, wound care and nursing care of these patients and different surgical options available to cure this problem.

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