Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty) in Ahmedabad, India - CutisRhinoplasty has been one of the most well known cosmetic surgical procedures that have been in practice since many decades. The nose is one of the most prominently visible facial features and many people have larger sized noses that are in fact a bit too prominent. Not only that, a slight deviation from normal like deviated nose, depressed nose, prominent tip of the nose or any scars on nose become clearly visible and they are impossible to camouflage. Rhinoplasty surgery has long been in use as an effective tool to enhance the overall facial appearance, but recent evidences suggest that rhinoplasty can also play a major role in making someone look much younger.

Rhinoplasty has a great potential to bring symmetry to the facial features, thereby bringing harmony and balance to them, which improves the overall appearance of the face. Statistics have revealed that a symmetrically placed face and a well proportioned nose are two important factors that lead people to consider a face beautiful. There are number of aesthetic problems related to nose that can be rectified by rhinoplasty. These include improper shape and size of straight portion (dorsum) of the nose, nose bumps, boxer’s nose, parrot beak tip or a very large sized nose. Even smaller noses and depressed tip can also be made to look fuller and elevated with augmentation rhinoplasty.

Researchers have also added ageing to that list of nose problems that can now be rectified by rhinoplasty. A well conducted corrective nose surgery can take many years off of a person’s overall facial appearance. With advancing age, the structures and tissues that make up our facial features start to sag down, which leads to a drooping effect; this makes us appear older. This is also true for the nose. The skin and cartilage begins to sag, especially at the nose tip and gives rise to an older appearance.

Now it is possible for experts of nose surgery in Ahmadabad to fight off this ageing effect by rebuilding the internal structures of the nose. Cartilage taken from other areas of the body can be taken to strengthen the tip and septum of the nose and to prevent the overlying tissue structures from drooping. Observations made on age reducing nose surgery have revealed that on an average they can make a person look at least 1.5 years younger.