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Autologous fat injection: A novel approach of treatment for Romberg’s disease

Before knowing something about the fat injection, let us know what is the Romberg’s disease. This disease is also known as Parry Romberg’s disease or hemifacial atrophy. As the name suggests, this disease affects half of the face of young individuals between 12 to 25 years of age.

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When to Consider a Facelift?

Nowadays considering the growing awareness about self-grooming and personality development, people are more alert about their overall personality and appearance. Gone are the days when you have to accept the growing frowns and fine lines on your face with the growing age.

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5 Facts About Facelift Procedure You Should Trust

Are you confused if the non-surgical treatments, devices, facials, creams and lasers that boast of the great result of a facelift actually work? Have you gone under the knife for a surgical facelift procedure that actually did not deliver the outcome you had been looking for? Let’s have a closer look at some facts about facelifts that can clear up your confusion.

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