Are you confused if the non-surgical treatments, devices, facials, creams and lasers that boast of the great result of a facelift actually work? Have you gone under the knife for a surgical facelift procedure that actually did not deliver the outcome you had been looking for? Let’s have a closer look at some facts about facelifts that can clear up your confusion.

  1. Facelifts Cannot Resolve All Facial Problems

These days surgeon not only just pull back the skin of the face and get rid of the excess but today’s facelifts are personalized to your exact anatomy. Today’s face lift procedure can improve your overall facial look naturally.

Professional surgeon are competent enough to give you a much younger and perfect look using the art of repositioning the deep muscles of the face creating great long-lasting results. You must not worry about the sagging jaw line, loose skin on the neck anymore.

  1. Facelifts Are not Panacea

Facelifts procedure can tighten loose jowl, loose jaw lines and sagging skin of neck. Your entire lower face should look more youthful after your facelift. But the facelift is not going to correct the skin layer imperfections, like fine lines but this can be done through skin resurfacing.

Same is the case with other skin layer imperfections like sagging lower eyelids or eyebrows. There are other procedures to correct these imperfections like Botox that can be your answer. To correct the under eyes, you can mix facelifts with blepharoplasty to get an overall facial harmony.

  1. No Two Facelifts are Similar

Every face has exclusive facial anatomy, so treating every facelift the same way cannot give the desired results. Nowadays advanced facelift procedures are intelligent enough to perform the correct surgery given the patient’s unique features. To get the best facial harmony, plastic surgeons may fuse the facelift with other procedures, like blepharoplasty, blepharoplasty or laser resurfacing. So, it is very true that no two facelifts are similar!

  1. Longer Incisions Lead to Improved Results

Your surgeon may make incision during facelift surgery to access the deep structural layers of your face. It is widely believed that smaller the incisions, more natural the facelift results will be but in fact it will hinder the desired results. The fact is shorter incisions may lead to not so great results.

A real facelift should have a wider incision to gain the proper access to the deep structural layers of your face. This will help you get a dramatic improvement of the lower face. Usually, facelift incisions cannot be visible as it is hidden in the contour of your ear that extends around the earlobe and disappears into your hairline.

  1. The Length of Facelift Results Varies

Any facelift surgery can last up to ten years. But during all these years your skin does not stop aging. It is advisable to eat healthy food, avoid smoking and use sunscreen. This will lead your facelift to maintain the results for longer than to that person who did not follow healthy diet plan. It is always advisable to lead a healthy life to get the maximum results of your facelift!

All the above myths are categorically debunked. Nowadays medical science, especially cosmetic surgery, has come a long way and has proven to be a great process when it comes to those people who are eager to look younger. So better stop thinking about myths associated with cosmetic surgery and opt for a younger and refreshing look coming to the fold of this procedure.