Liposuction Recover Tips by Dr. Chintan PatelLiposuction is a surgical procedure which helps to remove the body fat from below the skin surface. Cosmetic surgeons use a hollow tube named cannula for this procedure. If you are amongst those who are looking to loose flab quickly, then liposuction is the answer, provided you strictly follow your cosmetic surgeon’s advices and you strictly follow the prescribed diet and exercise programme.

Liposuction recovery time:

Tumescent liposuction is done under either local or general anaesthesia with a faster recovery period. Usually, this procedure is done on an out patient basis. However, hospital stay depends on the need for intravenous infusion and the degree of fat removal from the body. At the time of discharge, you will be asked to continue pain killers and antibiotics for at least 24 – 48 hours.
After any of the liposuction procedures, be prepared for a little discomfort and pain which will soon vanish with brief rest and ample post operative care.

Liposuction recovery tips:

Do you want to minimize the post procedure discomfort following liposuction? Are you looking for full recovery to ensure the surgery’s benefits? Here are the tips, which can help you on your way to excellent recovery.

To ensure a quick and hassle free recovery, follow your plastic surgeon’s advices strongly. This includes timely follow ups at the office or the hospital, maintaining the prescribed diet and exercise regime.

You are supposed to wear the compression (pressure) garments for the prescribed time. Mostly, your plastic surgeon will tell you to wear the garments continuously for 3 weeks and then on a part time basis for few more weeks. Compression shorts are advised to achieve the perfect shape of buttocks and thighs.

Sometimes, your doctor may prescribe analgesics to minimize the post procedural pain. Take them timely to cope up with the discomfort and pain during the recovery.

You may feel nauseated in the post procedural scenario. Therefore, it will be ideal if you eat lighter meals initially. To restore the fluid balance in your body, drink an increased amount of liquid for few weeks after the surgery. Clear soups and fruit juices are the best liquids to have. This will help you in the recovery process as well.

At least on the first day after the operation, refrain from taking any bath. Your operating surgeon will recommend it to you.

And lastly, you should not undertake any strenuous activity or exercises after the liposuction procedure. Those who do not have a strenuous job may return to work after a day or two. However, in any situation your plastic surgeon is the best person whom you can rely.