As the summer is round the corner, you should be ready to prevent your skin from getting dull and dehydrated. It’s time to protect it from the harsh weather and unpleasant atmosphere. We have gathered the skin care tips for you to follow this summer and avoid the brunt of the heat from hitting your beauty.

10 Tips to Beat the Sun this Summer

Tip 1: Protect your Skin from Sun

Cutis Sun Protection Tip - 1

If you reside in the cities like Ahmedabad, Baroda or Delhi that are listed as the hottest cities of India, you need to care really well. Use sun protection lotion daily and repeat application every 4 to 5 hourly, 11pm to 4pm are the hours you get affected by the sun radiation most if you come in direct contact with the sun rays. Consult the dermatologists in the Skin care clinics in Ahmedabad to know your skin and choose the sun protection accordingly. Apply it 30 minutes before you get out.

Tip 2: Use Right Cosmetic Products

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Females going out in the sun often complain about the reactions they suffer due to the cosmetic products they use. It is just because they might have missed the instructions while using. There are products that might affect the skin if it comes in direct contact with the sunlight. It is better to see the cosmetic professionals as soon as possible to get the right suggestion.

Tip 3: Avoid Getting Dehydrated

Cutis Sun Protection Tip - 3

Summers are really cruel; it quenches the moisture of the skin. You have to be alert to stay hydrated by drinking lot of liquid during the whole day. Help your skin to retain its essence even in hot summers.

Tip 4: Say NO to Aerated Drinks

Cutis Sun Protection Tips - 4

Yes, they quench your thirst, but what about the sugar level present in it that would affect your skin after intake? You might feel great after having a glass of iced soda when you are thirsty, but you might have to pay back with skin problems caused due to such drinks. So, simply stay away!

Tip 5: Choose the Right Moisturizer

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You shouldn’t be in a hurry while buying skin essentials in the season. Choose the moisturizer that suits your skin type the best. Water based moisturizers should be your first choice as they keep your skin hydrated giving it the finest touch.

Tip 6: Keep it Clean

Washing face

Cleaning is what your skin needs this season. Clean the face and moisturize it at least twice in a day. Repeat it before going to bed even.

Tip 7: Love Fruits

Cutis Sun Protection Tips - 7

Summer is the season for citrus fruits offering Vitamin C. Have them all for keeping your skin glowing and hydrated with the natural fruit extracts. Even papaya gives your skin the glow you need to shine in summer.

Tip 8: Scrub It

Cutis Sun Protection Tips - 8

Dead cells removal process that you should repeat every 4-5 days is very good in this season. Though several believe that scrubbing should be more focused in winter, summer too demands the same.

Tip 9: Tone the Skin

Cutis Sun Protection Tips 9

It is suggested by the skin experts that toner is essential to keep the skin cool and toned. Choose it given your skin needs to avoid any reactions.

Tip 10: De-tan

Cutis Sun Protection Tips 10

Use homemade remedies to de-tan the skin affected by the sunlight. Go for naturals rather cosmetics, to gift your skin its glow. Lemon and yogurt are most essential.

Follow these tips and assure your skin is protected and avoid it getting damaged this summer.